Saturday, November 29, 2008

Weekend mess

Well, our Thanksgiving weekend has been a bit of a mess.
The actual day of Thanksgiving was good, however we did spend over 5 hours in the car driving back and forth to Del Rio. That in itself was a true adventure. For the last 30 minutes, Kirstynn cried bloody murder. And honestly, it drove me to the insane asylum.... She is usually so good in the car so that is why it was so unexpected.
By the time we got back onto 1604 inside San Antonio, I gave my parents and sister a show in the car lane beside us. I was sooooo frusturated (Addison was now crying too) and all I could do was laugh. I rolled down my car window and hung my head out grabbing my throat and acting like I was being noosed. My parents thought it was hilarious but we sure got a few stares from the other holiday travelers...

Fast forward to Friday and I now knew why Kirstynn was crying so much - she came down with a full fledge cold! And I was so nervous because Thomas had had strep throat earlier in the week so I drug her to the ER Pedi clinic to make sure she was ok before the weekend started. Luckily (and FYI for my mom readers) the pedi said it was VERY VERY rare for infants to get strep - so she didnt have that and her ears and throat looked good. Paid my $30 co-pay to find out it was an old-fashioned cold and that it would be better in the week and to treat with tylenol. Whew... Worth it for the piece of mind.

Saturday evening Kirstynn was acting more like herself so we took off to Schlitterbaun to see their version of Winter Wonderland. Thomas and I even gave up box seats to the Spurs to go see this thing.
Now - first I must say we were very appreciative to our step siblings for getting us free tickets and inviting us.
Second - the first 5 minutes were beautiful and magical. After that - chaos.
And I spent all day talking up snow to Addison and it ended up being bubbles.... So crowded and there were stairs galore *NOT good for people with 2 strollers*!

Anyway, we left and were planning on having my parents babysit and going out for a friends birthday party. BUT on the way home, I started getting the chills and coughs and yuckiness all over. I told Thomas that I know were were planning on being grown ups for the night, but with Kir sick and me sick - lets just call it even and go home. So we did.

Fast forward once more to today and I am so sick I can barely get out of bed and am practically biting everyone's heads off because all I want to do is sleep and drink my NyQuil...
Well as much as I wanted it to - that doesn't happen - wanna know why?
Because now my husband cannot breathe.
Keep in mind he had a "pnenmothorax" or collapsed lung a year ago and there is a significant risk it could happen again. So - as I write this in my flurried panic to keep myself busy and in between blowing my nose and checking Kirstynn for a fever, Tjee is in the ER getting a chest xray to see if he has to spend the next 5 days in the hospital with a chest xray.... UGH!! SOMEONE PINCH ME!

For the icing on the cake, my step dad woke up a cold leg (and he has had strokes in the past) so he went to the emergency room too.
Thank the heavens for my dear mother who has been helping keep Addison so she doesn't get this and letting me rest while little KiKi rests... I adore her.
We'll keep you updated on the latest.