Thursday, November 6, 2008

God Bless the U.S.A.

Addison is doing really well with her potty training. There have been a few accidents (only #1 - not even one for #2) but most are because she is playing and just doesn't want to stop. I am learning along with her and pretty much know I must MAKE her stop after about 25-30 minutes and make her go.
We are taking a 3+ hour trip to Houston this weekend for my step sister's baby shower and I am really debating with myself as to whether I should go for it and just make frequent stops or do it the easy way and throw on a pull-up! I would just hate for her to have an accident and then have to sit in a wet carseat the rest of the way. They do have these plastic panties though and that would be a compromise and still save her chair so I will probably do that.
Kirstynn got her first taste of apple juice last night and today has had the runs and an awful diaper rash. I guess she just wasn't ready or we didn't water it down enough. We just thought we were shaking it up a bit and giving her a little treat. Go figure - we end up abusing her and making her poor little bottom red and sore...
Work had 500 layoffs this week so it has been tense and difficult. I have kept mine for now and am extremely thankful. We cannot control what happens so I am just trying to stay focused and do that best I can. Its just very sad because a lot of close friends were affected and it doesn't seem fair.
All in all though, I am optimistic and exciting about the future. Obama is our next president of the United States of America and I have faith that change is coming! God Bless the USA!


ikoliver said...

GOOD TO KNOW, I never would have expected that from juice espcially if they can eat apples just fine. Good luck with the trip, cross your fingers for no accidents!