Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Santa Debate

I had an interesting discussion at work today. 

The boys that all sit around me debated me for about an hour over Santa Claus. 

They all have kids ranging from 3 years old to 22 years old.  And they all felt very strongly that telling their children as soon as they asked that Santa wasn't real was the right thing to do... 
One even said that he never even had the Santa tradition because they felt that it took away from the true meaning that is Jesus's birthday.

Not one participated in the full 18 year childhood of Santa like I did. 
It could have been that I was still given Santa presents until I moved away to college because I was the oldest and I always had younger cousins around that still believed... 
But I LOVED it.  Maybe that is why Santa is so special to me now.

It is not about the presents.  I have never been one to ask for specifics...  But its the tradition... the fantasy... the magic.
I don't think I will fully admit there is no Santa to my girls until they have their own children.  Even if they are 16 years old and watch me put them under the tree.... Nope, I guess I am a liar.

Our children grow up so fast these days...  Reality is in their face so more than even 15 years ago with the invention of the internet and 3000 TV channels. 
What is wrong with encouraging a magical place where you are rewarded for being nice???

I am blessed that my 6 year old still fully believes in old St. Nick and is constantly looking for our "elf on the shelf" because she just KNOWS that he reported back to Santa the night before... 

I am gonna tell the truth.
Santa is real.