Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Let’s get together and feel alright ….

That's right.. everything is irie mon...

Saturday Thomas and I got back from our 6 day luxury vacation to Jamaica with 2 of our best friends.

It really was so much fun.

I highly recommend Sandals to anyone considering it.... worth every penny and you come back feeling like you were completely spoiled.

My one bone to pick with this trip:

So, I have always been the girl that swears by an annual adult-only vacation to reconnect with your spouse, especially with 2 kids running around.
My thought process behind this is that you are parents 360 other days a year,, it's ok to take a few to yourself... especially if you have awesome people to watch them and know they are safe.

That being said, I really missed the girls this time. For the first time since they were born, I really felt guilty for leaving them. Maybe its because they are getting old enough to know what they are missing out on, or old enough to feed my guilty conscience by telling me over the phone that they "wanna go home" but either way, I definitely felt a difference this time.

So no more booking something on a whim, time to buckle down and start saving for a family vacation of 4 instead of a small couple of 2.