Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Random (word of the day)

So, another random bit of rambling from me tonight but as I was lying next to my oldest daughter Addison after reading her bedtime book, I thought about our evening of dancing to Justin Bieber's "Never Say Never" movie.

That led to me wondering what kind of memories she will have as she grows older. 
After all, you never quite know what is going to stick and what isn't. 
I want to create as many opportunities as possible for her to look back with smiles and happiness.

And... after that..  I started thinking about what childhood memories I have.  And man, they are SO random.

I am sure my parents wouldn't believe me if I told them the things that stuck in my adult head. 

And of course after THAT, I decided to write them down. 
You guys may not really care but my kids might one day.  And heck, you never know what the future holds and if I will eventually need a nudge to remember.  :-)
So here it goes.

My top 10 memories (in no specific order):

1. Driving home from Schlitterbaun with my three best friends and my mom after one of my preteen birthdays.  I remember "Wild Wild West" came on the radio and my mom turned it WAY up.  We all sang as we drove home at the top of our lungs.  I remember thinking that I had to coolest mom ever.

2. I remember waking up in the middle of the night and hearing my Dad's voice cracking while talking to my Mom on the other end from their room.  They were getting a divorce.  I cried by myself all night.

3. I remember going to my very first funeral in 1st grade for a boy who got run over by the school bus getting his backpack stuck in the door.  I didn't know him but I remember the incredible sadness I felt and finally understanding what death meant.

4. I remember being the only girl in my group of friends that didn't make the volleyball team in high school and just wanting to go home and cry in my moms shoulder.  I remember walking through the door and her being at school.  Not her fault as she was doing what she had to but I was mad.

5. I remember dancing to random 50's oldies music at my neighbors house in Colorado.  I distinctly remember thinking she was weird but that I was still having fun.  So I danced and never hung out with her again. I was in 3rd grade.

6. I remember blowing my very first bubble gum bubble at my Nana's house on vacation and being SO excited and proud.

7. I also remember dancing to Olivia Newton John's "Lets Get Physical" with my Nana in her apartment at the coast and thinking it was so awesome. And I remember loving her SOOO much at that moment (not like I don't now but you know... lol)

8. I remember learning a choreographed dance to multiple songs (including "Invisible Touch") and performing them with my cousins and my sister at my Maw Maws house in Kentucky.

9.I remember my Nana drying her hair in curlers in my oven when visiting us in Colorado for Christmas.

10. I remember the very first time I had Hamburger Helper cheeseburger macaroni at a neighbors house and thinking it was the best thing I ever tasted and wondering why my mom always cooked from scratch....

So, there you go.  Totally weird.  Totally random.
The End.
But it's my post for today.