Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Thank you Allison for making me come back to my blog

Thank you Allison for making me come back to my blog.  It has been 9 months since I have been back to update you all on everything going on!  And it's such a shame because I really enjoyed keeping this mini-diary!  My new goal is to try to keep back up with it!

The girls are huge and doing wonderful!

Addison starts her second season of soccer on Saturday!  They are team "Soccer Chicks with Power Kicks"!  Our great friend Joey is the coach and we are all excited to see how much they've grown in their skills over last year!  She is also getting ready to "graduate" from preschool in May.  Addison can read an entire book, do simple math problems, count to 100 and sing every word to Justin Beiber!

Kiki is now full on potty trained!  She didn't really want much to do with it but is slowly but surely surrendering to the potty.  She can count to 20, dress herself and basically copy everything that her older sister does!

I am gearing up for my little sister's wedding in May ~ just threw a bridal shower Saturday and waiting for the bachelorette party next month!  Running another 5K on Sunday for colon cancer and attempting the Hell Run in Austin April 30th!  AND I've lost 21 pounds since Thanksgiving!!!

All in all, exciting and wonderful!  I promise to do better at writing!!!


Kathy said...

Welcome back! I too have made a commitment to getting back to my blog. It is such a great outlet and way to connect with others - alongside Twitter, of course :)

Danni Springfield said...

SO glad you're back!