Monday, June 14, 2010

School's out for Summer!

So, school's out for summer but not for me!

My girls are nuts!
Addison is 4 years old and won't be 5 until October.  She lost her first tooth last week!!! What the..???

I freaked out and called the doctor immediately because I thought for sure we did something wrong.  BUT come to find out, she's normal.  Just on the early side of normal.
4 year olds should not have their teeth fall out for this reason:

We got all ready for bed and wrapped up her tooth to put under her pillow and then she starts asking questions.
- "Mommy, how does the tooth fairy get in here?"
- "Will she come when I'm sleeping or awake?"
- "What does she look like?"

I could hear the insecurity growing.  And honestly, who could blame her?
I'd be nervous too if I had a tooth-stealing person with wings breaking into my house just to leave me a dollar.
So, we ended up leaving it downstairs on the table instead.  $1 caused all kinds of smiles the next day!
As long as she stayed downstairs.

Soccer is over ~ they didn't win a single game but won lots of friends....
Kirstynn learned to jump this week and that is all she does.  I have a feeling this one is going to be full of broken bones.


angelica said...

I love those black and white photos!