Wednesday, November 11, 2009


So, now I can be completely honest about my mentee and work and whatever else I want!!!  ha!

I had my meeting today with Kashmir...  That is "C".  Whew.  What a release to not cover it up!!!
I just wish I had saved the old posts so that I could repost for those that missed it.

After the last meeting, the counselor had a discussion with her.  She found that Kashmir did admit to asking for items including gold earrings and ipods and Wendy's. 
She also stated that these were all things she has never had nor would ever have the chance to have at her own home.
Kind of heartbreaking. But in the same moment ~still kind of still feeling a little manipulated.
This girl is just SO freaking smart!

Either way, I didn't bring her anything this trip and I just suggested playing a game. 
We played Sorry and by the end of the 45 minutes, there were 4 other kids at our table playing.  Much less "deep" but just as rewarding and it was good to see her come out of her very introverted shell.

It was actually fun.
Who would've thought?


Danni Springfield said...

Good job!

Blanca Rivas said...

That's great to hear! Keep up the good work with her.

allconsoffun said...

sorry to be so late in commenting. b/w being sick, my mother being in the hosp & life just kicking me in the teeth...i got a lil behind on my blog reading! ;) go you for hanging tough with this one. you're awesome, tho i'm pretty sure you didn't need me to reiterate that!