Friday, October 16, 2009

Drop a bomb on me

Well, I made it through my whirlwind Texas tour and am only slightly tired today after spending FAR too much money buying everything from jumpy castles to cutlery for the big 4th birthday party this weekend...

Tomorrow I have 20... yes, 20- children coming into my home (most of which have parents I have never met).

We are celebrating my oldest getting more and more grown up even though I have begged on numerous occasions for her to stop...

I was going to have a small intimate affair but we have families that outnumber even the Brady Bunch and a preschool class that always invites everyone so I just gave up.

Major event it is... Like it or not...

And to top it off, in the midst of all of this work and party planning, my husband had yet another bomb he decided to drop on me.
He found a dog that he loves at the pound.

Its a Bull Mastiff.

That's 110 pounds of animal.

And did I mention that I am allergic and currently getting shots once a week?


Well friends, I am.

And he bought it anyway.

And that folks, is the song of this day.


Anonymous said...

Careful with the mastiff if you haven't raised it yourself. When they get scared,upset or confused their bite can kill, even if they don't mean to. Don't bring it out at the party...for real. The first day we moved into our new house our new neighbor's dog bit my husband on his side and hand when he attempted to shake the neighbor's hand. We are currently suing them.