Wednesday, June 3, 2009


So, Addison started preschool this past Monday! I was a nervous wreck and the Mommy-baby nostalgia hit hard.
Monday came and the very first thing I heard after the pitter patter of little feet was "Mommy - Do I get to go to my big kid school today?".

She was thrilled.

The first 3 days have been awesome and I don't think I could have asked for a better experience. She loves it and loves her new classroom, her new teacher "Miss Amy", and all her new friends. Every morning I hear the same question and it makes life so easy.
Miss Amy also sends home report cards every day telling us how long she napped, how much she ate, what they learned for the day and any comments. Both days the teacher couldn't say enough about what wonderful manners Addison has and what a great listener she is.
**Can you see me beaming with pride?**
I did have the small voice in the back of head saying - "ha ha - wait until she gets to know you better"...... Either way, Children's Lighthouse has been incredible so far.

Kirstynn, on the other hand, has been having a bit more of a tougher time. She hasn't been wanting to go to "Auntie Alice" and she LOVES her usually. I really think it has been toughest on her and she misses her big sister a lot. After awhile I hope she enjoys having some independence and some individual attention. Breaks my heart though when I see them hugging and kissing and playing all night cause you can see clearly it is tougher for her. They cannot stay together forever though and I know she is strong and will pull through. There is nothing more beautiful than sisters.... I know cause I adore mine.