Thursday, May 28, 2009

Why do you have water on your face?

Man, busy busy lately. It seems that I barely have time to breath. My new job is fun and new and allows me to be creative.. and I am doing great, but man, I miss those days of having a second or 2 to google random illnesses that I might have on any given day.

I am having a HECK of a time with Addison lately. This girl has gotten into the serious habit of NOT sleeping through the night and further more - trying to get into our bed up to 3 times a night... no matter how many times we put her back into her own bed. I have done everything from make her a stickerboard to reward her for sleeping in her bed, create "friends" out her toys to make her feel safe, left her door open, closed it, etc. I am even ashamed to admit we gave her Benedryl one night just to get her to get some sleep cause she was exhausted and that didnt even work. I am tired. Thomas is tired. She is tired. I am desperate. Any ideas or helpful hints would be gladly accepted. And some background - she has been the BEST sleeper ever since she was 7 weeks old and she still goes to bed ok... its just in the middle of the night.... Help!

Kirstynn is talking more and more! She now says mama, dada, bird, dog, night night and somewhat of a version of "whats that?"... Its really cute. She is a roamer and generally very quiet and keeps to herself. I love watching their different personalities. Growing up so fast and I was watching Jon and Kate last night and thought about what I will do when my first turns 5! I'll be a mess. Addison was watching it with me and I teared up and she said "Mommy - why do you have water on your face?" I had to laugh and said "Honey, I just dont want you to get big"... and she, of course in her infinite wisdom replied "Ok Mommy. I won't". I wish it were that easy.

I am still working out and still not losing weight. Story of my life. I am ok with it. Whatever. :)