Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Scary Green Monster!

I ran my 3 miles today and it was so flippin hot! Not a single breeze or speck of shade but it felt AWESOME! It's really starting to feel easier and I am really looking forward to the marathon coming up! I have to sign up by the end of the week to get the reduced rate so I will be completely obligated by Friday!

Is everyone ready for football season? I cannot believe it is already time again but I am trying to think of somewhere fun to go to watch the kick off game of Longhorn football on Saturday! Hook 'em!

Last night we took the girls for a walk around the neighborhood and then to the park. I swear Addison makes friends whereever we go. There was another little girl there about her age and within about 4 minutes, she had convinced her to push Addison on the little swing. My little manager in training.

I almost forgot - so yesterday here at work, I was in my "medical" room for my first pumping session and my pump BROKE!

I was completely terrified.

I had to get something fast and it was not budging. I ran back to my desk and called the manufacturer and since we got it with Addison even though I had only been using it for 6 months with Kirstynn, the warranty was out.

I had to order the $100 motor part. At least they gave me a 25% discount. But this still takes about 2-3 days to get delivered so what the heck was I supposed to do in the meantime???

The lady advised me there was 1 place in San Antonio that rents the part compatible with what I already have. So at my lunch, I hurried over to the hospital and rented it.

Ok, although it works wonderfully, you should see this thing. It is definitely not inconspicuous... Bright green and HUGE! People must think I am carrying around my liver or something. Drama... Here 's a wonderful picture.

Don't you just love walking around work with everyone and their mom asking me what this thing is....

The things we moms do for our babies... :)

Monday, August 25, 2008

Back to work

This weekend was a lot of fun, but it went so fast!!! We did a lot of shopping! Thomas and I bought tons of stuff to finish off the decorating of our kitchen and the last things we want are the backsplash and a new light for the kitchen table. It looks really really good. I will take some pictures and post them later.

Last night we went to my moms for dinner and it was MADNESS. Addison didnt get her nap and with everyone over there, she was completely overstimulated.
I don't know what it is, but when there is company around, she gets so hyper.
Well after dinner last night, my nana (Nana Lady) was on the floor messing around with her and Addison was so wound up, she ran over and hit my sister. I know this is the second post about Adi hitting, but seriously, she is NOT a hitter. It's only when she gets to playing too rough or very brave.
Anyway - time out ensued and Kirstynn was crying, Adi was crying.. all family members had advice on how to calm everyone down.
Anyway, we bolted and needless to say, before we even got off the street, both kids were out like a light.

Side note: I just found out my 2 step brothers who are both pregnant and due in Jan/Feb are having boys! It will be nice to even out the estrogen at holidays and I still get to keep the girls to myself. Yeah!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Happy friggin Friday!

Well, happy friggin' Friday.

I was running a little late this morning as usual and got caught! I got a flippin speeding ticket around the corner from my house! The cop was hiding out and pulled me over going 57 in a 40! Ugh! And to top it off, my insurance card has expired on the 12th and I hadn't put the new one in. So I didn't have my insurance card either. I am so mad! When I told Thomas, he laughed at me cause of course, he has told me he has seen them around lately and to be careful. I really need to learn to start listening to him!

When I got home last night, I walked in and Thomas looked like he had totally had enough. It was slightly cute, slightly not. lol The main problem is the breastmilk and he doesn't have it. So, I think I have decided the best way to fix this is to stop breastfeeding as soon as I get home and go straight to the baby food that she gets for dinner. We will save the milk for bedtime snuggling. That way, on these late nights, she will be used to not having any milk and she can just get the solids... Its all a juggling act! Once you think you have it down, something changes. :)

No big plans for the weekend. I am trying to think of something fun. I might go try and learn to shoot a gun. Never even seen one up close before and I think its time i learn....

Finally - did everyone hear that Joe Biden is the likely candidate for Vice President??!!?? Although I was never a huge fan of Obama, I do completely respect and love Biden. Now I am totally struggling with who to vote for.

Thursday, August 21, 2008


Well, I just got a note from my husband advising me that he is not going to be in a good mood when I get home. :) Two late nights in a row for me means too much time alone with the kids for him. haha! Payback time.
Even though I miss the kids dearly, this may just help him appreciate all I do a little more and complain about dirty laundty a little less.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Kirstynn is 6 months!

Thomas took Kirstynn to her 6 month check up today by himself (with both girls in tow). It was definitely an adventure for him as at one point he had to drag both girls into the men's bathroom. He had to put Addison on the potty cause he thought she was gonna "explode" if you know what I mean... Needless to say, she didn't, but the trip to the stall was worth the story for me. ha ha!
I am so mean...

Well, Kirstynn weighs in at a wopping 16.2 pounds - 43%ile and is 26 inches tall and that is in the 48%ile. She is right on track and not nearly as amazon-like as I thought. lol I swear she looks huge to me, but I guess not.

Poor baby got more shots too and I am glad Daddy had to do that this time.

3 times is a habit.

Well, yesterday was the first day back and I was swamped. One thing after another and still didnt get caught up... Getting back on the saddle today. I work the 10am to 7pm shifts today and tomorrow and it stinks. Gets me totally off my schedule and by the time I get home, the kids are almost ready for bed...

Kirstynn is officially over her night waking. She hasnt done it in forever, but if it isnt one thing, its another. Addison has been up the last 2 nights coming into our room at around 2am asking to sleep with us. We let her of course, but get no sleep in the mean time. I think that maybe its the thunderstorms coming through... Tonight though Thomas and I decided if she comes in, its back to her bed. 2 times a charm... 3 times is a habit.

Well, Addison is crying in the background right now for being put in time out for trying to slap me. Nice, right? Welcome to 2 year olds... I need to go and have my talk with her....

Monday, August 18, 2008

Guilt Trip...

It is the last day of my little vacation and I am really sad.

I have really enjoyed my time off alone with the girls. Addison broke my little heart today cause she was sooo excited again to be staying home with me today and made a big frowning face when I said back to school tomorrow.
Talk about laying on the guilt for having to work....
These are the times when I beg to win the lottery. It is such a struggle for me.
In some ways I really think the girls are getting important lessons in socialization and learning to mind other adults in school. Plus Addison is so smart and I know half of what she learns she is picked up from being in a different atmosphere.
But then I know it is also ridiculous that Alice, my sitter, gets to spend more time with them than me.
I just have to remember that I am teaching them that they can be a good wife and mother and still have some goals that are only for them.

It's really funny because in my new neighborhood, there are tons of stay at home moms - even a little club for them. They barely talk to me because I am a "working" mom. It's sad that it is so divided. That women can't stand together to be stronger rather than tearing each other apart for different lifestyles. I will just have to smile big and make the BEST Christmas cookies to pass around when the time comes. :)

Well, fixing to take the girls up to the park before it starts raining...

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Princess Bedroom

Well, we started our journey yesterday of decorating Addison's room with Disney Princesses galore. She got curtains, a crown nightlight, sheets, bedspread and hamper. And even a shirt that lights up to match. She loves it...
We went to get this yesterday and it was first time brave enough to hit Walmart by myself with both the kids in tow. It wasn't quite as bad as I thought it would be, but I definitely feel for the mothers of 3 and 4 that do that on a regular basis... lol

Yesterday we spent some more time with my Aunt and cousins and they just had a blast. Kirstynn was the belle of the ball. Everyone kept going on and on about how well behaved and beautiful she is. I, of course, already knew that but it was nice to hear over and over again.
Today my parents are taking Addison to a birthday party at a place called Pump It Up. It is an inflatable jungle gym and she is so excited!
I think I am going to head out with my sister for a little bit tonight to visit with a bunch of old high school buddies. I am looking forward to it.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Sea World


Well so far my vacation has been great! Yesterday I took the girls with my Dad and Stepmother and Adi's cousin to Sea World. They had an absolute blast and the girls were sooo good. Not a single meltdown! :) We started at the dolphins and sharks, then spent a long while in the water park and ended watching the Clyde and Seymore sea lion show. Hot, but worth it!

Kirstynn has been sleeping awesome!! We are officially back to 10 hour nights!!! And I have to significantly blame it on the thumb sucking. But hey - I will take it any way that I can!

After Sea World yesterday we stopped by my Nana's house cause my Aunt and her girls were there from out of town. Kirstynn completely bonded with my Aunt Donna. She had her giving these huge belly laughs that I havent heard since the first time she did it months ago... It almost brought tears to my eyes....

Tomorrow Adi is headed with my parents to a birthday party at this inflatable playground. She is totally looking forward to it and will give me a nice break to get some stuff done around the house...

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I shaved my legs for this????

I know I soundrepetitive, but this is the most important thing going on in my world so it only makes sense to me to start with it every day... Kirstynn slept through the night again. I feel so good!!!! It is amazing how much it makes a difference...

I have my annual visit with my OB/GYN today. I nicknamed him Dr. A and I totally love him. He is just the nicest doctor and listens really well. It is sad but I kind of missed going to see him after seeing him weekly for awhile. He is the only person that will sit and listen to all my complaints... :) And he is cute for a doctor, so of course I had to get up and shave my legs this morning... lol.

I ran sprints yesterday - 20 50 ft runs up a steep hill. Kicked my butt and I am super sore today but it feels great. 3 miles today at lunch!!! Hopefully the clouds will stay out until then.

Monday, August 11, 2008


Well, of course because it was time to come back to work, Kirstynn was up at 4am.. But that's ok. It was a lot easier since I got to catch up on my sleep this weekend.

My mother in law brought over these gorgeous curtains for Addison's room last night. The first thing Adi said out of bed this morning was that she wanted to hang them. I guess I know what we are doing tonight. I am excited to redecorate her room. It is decorated in butterflies now, but I am going to hold onto that for Kirstynn.

We set up Addison's old high chair for Keeks last night and she got to eat her dinner with us for the first time. She loved it! I can't believe she'll be 6 months old next week!

This week is starting off a little better. Not a lot, but anything is better than last week. And to top it off I am off work Thursday, Friday and Monday so I only have to make it 2 more days after today!


Pool days definitely sound in order!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

I ran 4 miles today!

Kirstynn slept like a champ again last night!

We just spent $300 at the grocery store... ridiculous... Why is everything so expensive anymore? I swear I am going to feel rich once diapers and daycare expenses are gone. But of course on the same note, you don't want to wish the days away cause they go too fast already.

But I did get up at 6:30 am and ran 4 miles today!!! That is my longest stretch since Kirstynn was born!!! It felt great and every weekend I will be running farther and farther. Next Sunday is 5 miles... maybe 5.5 cause I really need to catch up on the marathon schedule.

Thomas is bbqing my favorite tonight - burgers!!! And his brother Jamie is coming in town! We are looking forward to seeing him....

Back to the grind tomorrow.. but I just know it's going to be a great week!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

My new goal...


Hair cut!

I love the weekend!

Last night Kirstynn slept for like 10 hours and everyone is in a great mood and I don't have to work!! :) Yeah!

Thomas took Addison to a carnival at his work today and they are having a blast. Kirstynn and I stayed snuggled in bed and it was wonderful. It rare I get that quiet time with her and it just really rejuvinated me!

Did I tell you that we took Addison to get her hair cut on Thursday night because she was begging for it! She was so excited and when it was all said and done, she pranced around to everyone in the place showing her hair off. They were all cracking up at what a little diva I had.... If they only knew....

Friday, August 8, 2008


I hate this week. I really really do. I have cried more in the last 5 days than I have in the last 6 months. I am over it.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Photo Booth


He has no choice - I need help! :)

Well, still tired today but that's ok.
I feel better about the week and that's all that matters.
And after some sweet encouragement from my breast-feeding advocates, I am not giving in!!! :)

I did, however, let her cry it out last night. I let her cry 10 minutes, then went in, turned her over, covered her up and left for another 10. At about the second 9 minute mark, she finally went back to sleep with a few whines here and there throughout the night.
19 minutes of hearing her cry and not going in to pick her up is a bit daunting, but its this or formula.
I know she's not hungry anymore cause she gets tons of milk and baby food before bed. I just think she got into the habit and knew she could nurse herself back to sleep. Hopefully after a few nights of this, she will start sleeping again.

Another quick gripe though - since this is NOT feeding, it would make sense that Thomas and I could perhaps take turns getting up and turning her over etc...
Well, I got some major attitude this morning when I suggested it. I guess he got VERY spoiled just assuming that he would never have to take part in this nighttime ritual... I am still sitting here trying to think of a tactful way of telling him - he has no choice. I need help. :)

I am taking off early today to use a massage gift card I got from my birthday and havent been able to use. That was April. :) So, I am take a few hours to myself and I am not feeling guilty one bit. And it's free! So, I might have to stop in for a quiet pedicure without the kids too.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I am happy for that....

This is the absolute worst work week I have had in a long long time. Probably 6 months to a year.
I guess I was due for one but man, it's getting to me.
First, I found out that they might be making us work from 10-7pm which would be completely awful cause the kids go to sleep at 8pm. I would never be there for dinner and barely see them before they went to bed. It makes me want to cry just thinking about it.... In fact, I have cried... pathetically.....

Then, there were these bigwigs from home office (remember?) and they gave out awards for the "top performer" on the team. The girl that got it deserved it but I honestly felt like I did too. It stung and made me feel really unappreciated cause I work really hard here at work.
Plus while they were by my desk, I said hello and they all literally ignored me. It really hurt my feelings.
Then, we get these reviews checking our work and I got one that said I shouldn't have written an account. Its just one thing on top of another.
And it's really funny because I found not one, but two, pennies laying in the parking lot yesterday face up. I picked both of them up thinking they were going to bring me lots of luck. Totally NOT true.
That's what I get for even believing in luck.....

Plus, Kirstynn is just not sleeping good at ALL. She wakes up fussing every 3 hours. I have to figure out what is causing it. I am THIS close to giving her formula tonight just to see if it even helps.

The only good news is that Thomas is feeling better and is back at work today. I am happy for that....

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

An older picture proving.....

Addison's Love.

Thank goodness for parents!

Thank goodness for parents... (and I am not talking about me!). Thomas's mom made us pasta and an amazing fruit salad last night and brought it over warm and ready to eat.
It made my life a lot easier not having to make dinner and do dishes. I feel super lucky to have so much famiy around...
After dinner, I fed Kirstynn and she fell asleep at 7pm. And she was out. Like the deadweight out. So I put her into her crib and got in the bath with Addison and washed out the pink hair dye her Dad had so sweetly slathered in on Sunday... The she was down at 7:45pm and I just laid down for a second after that and I was out. Didnt wake up until 6am. Lol. I guess I was tired....

Addison was super happy to see Nana and Pops too. Her nana made her this adorable pink tutu (pictures of it in older posts) and Addison adores it! As soon as they got to our house, Adi ran upstairs to put it on and get her pink shoes that light up when you walk and told me to put on music (Hannah Montana specifically) so that she could dance for them. Too cute.

Thomas is at home in bed and hopefully by this time tomorrow the anti-biotics will have kicked in and he will be back to almost 100%. So weird that this strep throat was so mild... Whenever we have gotten it in the past, we are down for the count. Maybe it's an easier summertime version of it. I just hope it doesnt make its way around the family.

I have my appointment with the eye doctor today to see what is going on with my contacts. I am wearing glasses today. And I never do that. So embarrasssing... Not really because they are glasses but because I dont really take care of them and they are terribly crooked.

Plus the meeting with the bigwigs at work is today. I will let you know if it is just another meet and greet type of thing or if they are gonna give us any real answers...

Monday, August 4, 2008

Lockjaw or not lockjaw

Thomas has been complaining of "lockjaw" or a sore jaw for a few days... Well, he finally went to the doctor today... and found out.....
get this.....


UGH. The countdown begins.
How long is the incubation period?


I have to go to the eye doctor today. I think they gave me the wrong eye script. It's been getting worse and worse and now I can barely even read my computer screen. All I see is colors.. I really shouldnt even be driving. Plus, it's giving me a major headache. I hope they can get me in...

I had some some super strange dreams last night. And all were about work and not good ones. I think all the stress is getting to me... I am really glad everyone is back today!!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Mama Mia, Mama Mia

So, earlier this afternoon, my mom treated me and my sister and Nana to see Mama Mia. "Yeah - great" you are probably saying with a hint of sarcasm, as I know I was. But to my surprise, it was actually really really good.
A perfect mother-daughter flick. And so much fun.
Any woman who likes to sing out loud to "Dancing Queen" cannot get through this one without a smile.
And there was a part in there that definitely had me tearing up... I dont know how in the world I am ever going to let my girls go off and leave me and get married. I made Addison promise me as soon as I got home that she will live with me forever. She happily obliged, but something tells me that she may change her mind one day.

All this being said - do not submit your male counterpart to this... he will most definitely think it is pure misery.... :)

Last night after the kids fell asleep, I got out the house for a bit. My dad agreed to sit here and let Thomas and I head out for a short cocktail. It wasn't a late night or anything but it was fun. And we needed some time out together... And to top it off, both girls slept in to 8:30am this morning.... Awesome!!

This week is going to be a bit of a relief at work because we are back to being fully staffed. The entire month of July was tough because the majority of it, we were only operating at about half and PTO was frozen. So this month I have a couple of days off and it will seem much more manageable since I will only be working my own desk. And we have some more bigwigs in town so maybe we'll get some more info on the lay-offs....

Friday, August 1, 2008

Such a double standard

Well, Kirstynn was up last night but I don't care - It's Friday!!!

Thomas is going to see a Reckless Kelly concert in New Braunfels tonight for another guys night...
When is my night you ask? :) Good question. I am working on it. lol

Why is it always babysitting for the guys when the mom wants to go out, but just the way it is (they are my kids of course) when the guys go out.
Such a double standard.
And not one I am too fond of by the way.

Any good ideas to make it understood to the male population that us girls need some time out too... and not just with family or work... (not to diss the family and work, but as I said - friend time is priceless and babyfree friend time is a true precious gift).

I am reading this book called "Promise Not to Tell". It's sort of a ghost story about the potato girl. And it is really good. An easy read and I highly recommend it if you are looking for something to keep your attention. And one of the more believeable ghost stories I have read in a long time.

We are having Wingstop catered in for lunch (we are paying for it ourselves of course) but I am looking forward to it. I am also in charge of taking the large collection of money from our employees and going to buy school supplies for children in low income schools - a program called Stuff the Bus!
I love doing it and coming back with a truckload of every school supply you could ever think of. And by the way, if you are considering helping out with this, as they take donations at Walmart, they are more in need of supplies for high school students. Everyone always remembers the crayons and gluesticks for the pre-schoolers, but the protractors and binders etc for the older kids are always in short supply.

Have a great Friday.